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So, what is a deluxe manicure?

What Does A Deluxe Manicure Include?

A deluxe manicure normally involves a soak, a moisturizer, nail shaping, cuticle-pushing, massage, and exfoliation. What exactly occurs depends upon where you receive your deluxe manicure.

There are a lot of things that go into making a deluxe manicure truly “deluxe.” While there are some things that you’re going to see in basically all salons and spas, what’s true at one isn’t necessarily true at the other. So, before you get started, it’s always a good idea to ask about what you’re going to be receiving. Know what to expect from the establishment that you’re at, not just in general!

For many people, the first thing that a deluxe massage offers is an assessment of your hands and nails. This helps the technician know what your hands need and what they don’t. This is excellent since it means that you won’t be getting just the “standard” that they give everyone. They treat you as an individual and work with the nails and hands that you have, rather than doing what normally works for others.

After this, you might have a soak, though this is more common in pedicures than manicures. This can include exfoliation of the skin, which is also something you’ll find more often in pedicures. However, some businesses offer this for manicures, as well. Once that’s over, you’ll normally have a moisturizing mask applied to your hands. Special attention is applied to moisturizing your nails. They might use a cream or cuticle oil to really hydrate your nails. From here, your hands often go into heated mittens for a while to let the creams and oils do their work.

If you’re going to have nail-shaping and cuticle-pushing, this will likely happen before your hands are put into the mittens.

The technician will begin shaping your nails into what you’ve decided upon, carefully cutting and filing.

Cuticles are pushed back to allow for better growth. Sometimes, a cuticle gel or oil will be reapplied, sometimes not.

A massage will often follow this.

It can include just your hands or your entire forearm. This is often one of the most relaxing parts of the entire manicure.

If you have your heart set on a massage as part of a deluxe manicure, call ahead and be sure that it’s available.

A polish of your choice, often with nail oil, is the last step of the deluxe manicure.

You’ll get to choose your polish color and often what type of polish it is.

What Is The Difference Between A Standard Manicure And A Deluxe Manicure?

A deluxe manicure is more involved than a standard one. It includes things such as cuticle-pushing and massage, which aren’t often included in a standard manicure. A deluxe is also more expensive and takes more time, making it something that you can’t indulge in as frequently.

The word “deluxe” is a dead giveaway as to the difference between a deluxe manicure and a standard one. The very name screams the difference: More! More luxury, more attention, more relaxation. For someone wanting to be as pampered as possible, a deluxe manicure can’t be beaten. It’s the best way to end up with beautiful hands and nails while also getting the experience of being in a spa. That isn’t to say that a standard doesn’t have its perks.

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